I Got My Driver’s License!

My world just got infinitely bigger because yesterday, at 21 years old, I got my first driver’s license!!  I took driver’s ed in high school but just never wanted to drive and I didn’t want my license.  A couple years ago, I got an adult permit, but never really practiced and it expired without a licensing attempt.  This spring, I got a second permit.  I also bought a car at the same time so I would have something to practice with.  I drove lots of places with Matt as my required Licensed Adult and I finally took my road test yesterday afternoon!!  I passed and immediately went to the Secretary of State to get my license.  I now have a little piece of paper that says I can drive and the license card will arrive in the mail in seven to ten days!

As you can tell, I’m very excited about this.  After going to the Secretary of State, I dropped Matt off at work, drove to my work, and paid to park, just because I wanted to drive there. xD  After work, I picked Matt up from work and drove us to my place so we could walk downtown to celebrate with burgers and beer. 😀  Then I dropped him off at his house and I felt so cool saying, “I just got back from dropping Matt off at his house.”

This morning, I had a 9am meeting before work that Matt was going to drive me to, but since I got my license yesterday, I got to drive to it myself!  And it was so fun!  I never enjoyed driving that much before, but now that I have my license, I feel so FREEEE because I am not limited to places I can walk or bus to.  I was thinking about driving to one of my favorite parks after work today, but it is supposed to rain, so I will probably save that for another day.

When I passed my test, the test administrator gave me a keychain that is a bottle opener, a flashlight, and a tape measure.  Just one more thing to be excited about!

This little guy is on my car keys now.

This little guy is on my car keys now.

12 thoughts on “I Got My Driver’s License!

  1. Congrats! It is amazing how it changes things!

    Our kids seem to be in no real rush to drive but are getting there … our older son (who turns 18 in October) has his test on Thursday! He is getting excited and nervous for the test!


  2. I got my G1 last year at 20 hahahaha my friends wouldn’t stop making fun of me ): still haven’t cared enough to get my G2 so I can actually drive though


      • Once you pass your eye and written tests, you get a G1 licence (this one you can get right at 16). Then you can take lessons and get your G2 once you pass. Then there’s another road test (high ways etc) once you pass, you get a full G licence!


  3. Congratulations Rachel! I am so happy for you and I totally smiled while reading this entire post. I felt happiness in every word. 😀

    Here’s to driving everywhere! No pang of jealousy from me at all, for I will get there just as you did. *thumbs*

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    • Yes you will!! It seems like you have been practicing a lot; you will be ready in no time. Go on a couple road trips! Nothing like driving 2-4 hours at a time to become more confident. xD


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