I Broke My No-Coffee Streak

Confession: I don’t really like scrambled eggs.

Confession #2:  I will eat them for breakfast anyway because they are a quick and easy source of protein in the morning.  When I can, I would much rather have pancakes, waffles, or even a bagel, but we can’t have everything.  I had pancakes yesterday and the day before that. 🙂

I’m drinking coffee this morning for the first time since Friday.  Today is Wednesday, so that means I went four days without coffee or caffeine of any sort (unless you count chocolate).  The Java Chip Mint Stout I drank the other night miiiight have broken that rule (“It’s the perfect marriage of mint-chocolate-chip-ice cream and roasted coffee.”), but I’m not too sure.  We’ll just say I went four days without coffee. 🙂

I didn’t really do it on purpose.  I skipped coffee on Saturday because I had slept a lot Friday night, then I skipped it again Sunday because “I might as well try going the weekend without coffee.”  Then it just became a challenge of seeing how long I could go.  Four days, apparently.  This morning I decided there was no good reason to continue the streak when coffee would help me wake up and stay awake for my 8am eye doctor appointment.

I didn’t get headaches, which is awesome because I thought I would have.  A couple weeks ago, I noticed I was getting a headache if I skipped my morning coffee or sometimes even if I didn’t have an afternoon cup, so I cut back to one cup a day.  That seems to have helped, given my lack of withdrawal symptoms these last four days.  I’ll probably try to stick to one cup a day, and if I want more, I’ll drink decaf.  That’s what I used to do, until probably last semester when I started drinking comparatively quite a lot of coffee to help me stay awake for my programming projects.

It doesn’t help that I really do love the taste of coffee.  I mean, like I mentioned, I bought a coffee-flavored beer for Pete’s sake.  I’m not some kind of coffee aficionado, but I can tell really good coffee from really bad coffee, which is maybe a start?  I drink it black most of the time, and I have the luxury of having freshly ground beans whenever I want.  My mom and brother both work in coffee and both get a free half pound at the end of every week, so whenever I’m running low, I can just ask one of them.  I’ve only had to buy beans once because I wasn’t going to see my mom for a couple more weeks and I was completely out. xD  Another time, she gave me 15 pounds of beans at once (four 3-lb bags of the beans they use at the cafe, plus another three pounds of various beans they display on the floor).  I’m still going through those after giving two 3-lb bags to my boyfriend.

I’ve finished sipping now, so it’s time for me to clean up and get ready to see the eye doctor.  I’m so excited to be getting contacts again!  I ran out two months ago, but have been wearing the same pair from April, anyway… (only when I run, for the most part!).

Would you say you are addicted to coffee?  If you are, does it bother you, or do you not really care because it gets you through the day?

Mini #WIAW and Hip Update

Passover started on Monday night, which means I won’t be eating bread for the next week.  This morning I woke up excited to make eggs with a side of buttered matzah (pretty sure I actually dreamed about it).  Then I realized those were all the ingredients to make fried matzah, or matzah brei as it is sometimes called.  SO I got to work and within ten minutes I was a very happy camper.

Fried matzah

Fried matzah topped with cinnamon sugar and syrup

My roommate came down while I was eating and asked to try some.  She liked it, which I was actually surprised about, and said it tasted like French toast!  Except I know it doesn’t taste like French toast because I made some of that for Matt and me on Monday morning. 😛

The comparison was still fresh in my memory

The comparison was still fresh in my memory

I mentioned the other day that my right hip has been bothering me.  Yesterday I had pain and was limping slightly to avoid it hurting when I walked, but this morning as I walked to class, it felt much better!  Not better in that I can run, but better in that it hurts less.  It feels like something is pulling on the outside of my hip, but the pulling hurts far less or not at all.  I’m feeling optimistic. 🙂

On Monday afternoon I used an elliptical and then finished off with some pushups and light hip strengthening.  Then Tuesday morning I did the elliptical again with a couple friends and did abs and pull-up things (negatives and lat pull-downs).  This morning, my abs, back, arms, and lower legs are sore, which makes me feel like I am still getting more fit even though I haven’t ran in a few days.  I’m sure I could use some good cross-training and maybe once my hip is better, I will try to be better about including it in my regular training.  I probably definitely should, yeah?  Lately, instead of cross-training on non-run days, I have just been not running.

I hope you are having or had a fabulous hump day!  Eaten anything exciting lately?  Do you have any cross-training advice or awesome workouts?

Pretending to run on Monday

Pretending to run on Monday