Hi Again

It has been a long time since I last posted.  Part of it is probably the whole “running blog” thing and how I’m not back to running yet and I feel like blogging training is enabling for overdoing it.  The rest is that I guess I’m just not as interested in blogging as I used to be.  I started blogging in 2006-ish, so forgive me if I needed a break.  Thanks. 🙂

I have been journaling lately in an effort to practice my cursive, which has made me feel nostalgic for blogging, so here I am giving it another try.  A lot has happened since I last posted.  I finally saw a podiatrist about my heel pain and have been attending physical therapy for roughly eight weeks.  I had custom orthotics made (which I am still trying to break in) and I got my first of three cortisone shots last week.  My feet are finally on the mend.  I’m hopeful that I will be running a little again in a couple weeks.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies last month.  I now work full-time as a web developer for what is officially my Alma Mater.  I visited my mom in Texas last month for the first time since she moved down there.  I have been knitting a lot and trying to read more.  I realized life is too short to force myself to do yoga, even if it is good for me.

I leave you with a few photos from my graduation morning.  I trust I’ll be back in a day or two to give this Back to Blogging thing a really solid effort. 🙂

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Quick-Fire Week

I made a really good choice this afternoon when I decided to buy a coffee at work.  I was falling asleep, but now I’m not, and I’m also feeling very optimistic.  I may also be a little hyper, which is making me want to blog, but not put too much effort into writing a well-articulated post.

So, a quick-fire approach to recapping my recent life:

  • I went to a yoga class on Thursday with my friend Katie.  It was a lot of fun and felt really good.  It was my first time ever doing yoga in a studio.  I want to see if I can make it again this week.
  • I did the ice bucket challenge after my brother nominated me:
  • Matt and I spent the weekend with his parents, originally for the Crim, but then we hung out longer and had a fun time.
  • I attempted to run the 10-mile at the Crim on Saturday morning, despite the hip issues I had been dealing with.  By mile two, my hip was starting to get tight, and before the six-mile mark, it was pretty much shot.  I walked the majority of the final 4.5 miles after hanging out with course volunteers for 10-20 minutes.  I finished in two and a half hours and I was pretty bored walking because all the walkers around me had friends to chat with, but I was by myself.  Regardless, I covered the distance, so that is something to be proud of, even though it could have gone a million times better and I could be a million times healthier.
  • On Sunday afternoon, we went shopping at an outlet mall and I managed to get a pair of shoes, plus six pairs of no-show socks, for $32!
  • My final semester of college starts in a week, so I have been preparing for the job-hunting process.  It’s both exciting and stressful, but mostly exciting.
  • My bike is finished being repaired, so I get to pick it up tomorrow after work and I will get to ride it when we go up north this weekend. 🙂
  • Matt and I are seeing the series 8 premier of Doctor Who, “Deep Breath,” in a theater tonight!

Have you been up to anything exciting?  Do tell!

Where I am with Not Running and #adayinthelife

Today on Twitter, I am using the #adayinthelife hashtag to chronicle what my non-running butt does on a Friday like today.  I hope if you are interested you will follow along and maybe even join in!  You can find me at @rachmleg.  I will do a round-up of all the tweets on the blog tomorrow, and if you join in and shoot me a message, I will link-up your #adayinthelife in that post!


On Not Running

I haven’t run since two Wednesdays ago, so it has been nine days.  A week ago, I wrote that I was hurt but didn’t care because I didn’t really want to be running anyway and was sick of being a “serious” runner and training for races.  I wrote that I would be much happier only running when I felt like it, possibly a few miles a few times a week and something a bit longer on the weekends occasionally.

There is a local running group on Facebook and Meetup that does several social runs a week.  I really want to participate in those, and this past Tuesday, I had plans to go to their Pub Run.  However, it ended up being 90 degrees and my feet still hurt, so I had to pass.  I also wanted to do a for-fun 5k this coming Sunday, but I doubt my feet are going to feel up to it.  I’m not getting my hopes up too high.

So that’s where I am right now.  My mental “injury” is past and I’m ready to run again, albeit completely differently.  I’m ready to run in a relaxed, social environment with little to no pressure.  Unfortunately, my feet are still giving me problems, so I can’t really say I don’t care anymore.

My feet actually tend to feel really good when I wake up in the mornings, which is confusing!  (The pain is in the back and inside of both my arches.)  Yesterday morning, I had a few extra minutes before work, so I thought I would try running for just ten minutes.  It became a walk around my block because my feet did not feeling good running down my street.

I am enjoying not running, just as much as I would enjoy running.  I’m not depressed about not being able to run, it’s not stressing me out, and I have more time for other things, like finishing my 1000-piece puzzle!

Finished last night!

Finished last night!

So, I’m still happy but would love to not have pain!!

I Didn’t Listen to My Body and I Don’t Even Care

Hi. My feet hurt. My feet have hurt for the last several weeks and I have kept running on them feeling them get worse and worse and knowing I was running myself into an injury. Yet for some reason, I didn’t care. And honestly, I still don’t care. I haven’t run since Wednesday, which is only five days ago. For the last week and a half of running, I have been seriously considering quitting altogether. While running 12 miles around the lake two weekends ago, I was thinking about how I didn’t even really like running long anymore and how I would be much happier just running however much I feel like whenever I feel like it.

I don’t want to train for things anymore.  Or at the very least, I want a break from training for things.  I don’t want the pressure of a deadline and I don’t want to feel like I have to run through discomfort if I don’t want to.  That doesn’t mean I’m not going to do races for fun if I feel like it.  I have a ten-mile race toward the end of August that I am doing because Matt does it every year and he wanted me to do it with him.  It will be fun.  It also doesn’t mean I’m going to stop running longish.  I like being in shape to drop in on things like running the 8 miles around Mackinac Island if I make a trip up there and feel like running around the island.

But I’m not going to force myself to run when I don’t want to.  I’m sick of that and it makes me sick of running.  I walked to work this morning (two miles) and I was just as happy as if I had run before work.  I’m not going to run through pain just because I think I am “supposed” to be running, which is what I had been doing the last few weeks.  Nooo thank you.

Last week, I made plans to go to a social run tomorrow night, and I really want to go to that, but it happens every week and I’m not going to grit my teeth and run with painful feet just because I’m impatient and want to go to the social run this week instead of next.  I’ll see what tomorrow brings, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t going to bring pain-free feet.

Oh, and I finally deleted my running club Google doc.

#alltheawards – Thanks Laura!

The very sweet Laura from The Gluten-Free Treadmill has tagged me in her #alltheawards post. 🙂

The rules!

Accept the #alltheawards award, tell us seven things about you, and nominate seven more blogs.

Since I only started this blog this month, it shouldn’t be too hard to come up with seven things you don’t know about me yet, right…?  If I can get my mind off my hip long enough to come up with seven facts that aren’t seven injuries I’ve had in my lifetime.

Happy thoughts, here goes!

  1. My go-to fun-facts fact: I’ve had four concussions from figure skating growing up.
  2. I spent a month in Israel when I was 15.
  3. I knocked out a tooth in 2006 also figure skating, but it hung on so they were able to put it back in and it is still in my mouth.
  4. I have at least 12 pounds of coffee in my cupboards right now, and I didn’t buy any of it.
  5. I once won an iPad in a Twitter contest.  The host account told me I won a “Bag of Crap,” asked my t-shirt size, then sent me an iPad.  No t-shirt though.
  6. I have owned 13 different domain names.  In high school and early college I used to just want to make a website for everything.
  7. I have studied Spanish (if elementary school counts), French, Hebrew, Japanese, and Italian, but I speak none of them.  Sad. 😦

Only two of those facts were about injuries, so that’s pretty good, right?

Now I must nominate seven more blogs!  I choose…

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Wildcard!  Anyone who reads this is awesome and deserves to do the #alltheawards tag if they so choose. 😉

My Weekend in Mostly Pictures (Running, Food, Volunteering)

Really just a few pictures.  With some more words.  I should have taken more pictures.

This was my ninth week back running in the aftermath of whatever the last tendon thing I had was (flexor hallucis longus says the PT).  My long runs are starting to get up there again.  This week I did an 8-mile long run on Saturday–yes that’s long for me right now hush–which also put me at 20 miles for the week.  First time I’ve had a 20-mile week since November.  Just goes to show how long I’ve been battling the latest string of injuries.  I’m optimistic that this will be the time I stay injury free for longer than a couple months.

I thought I was doing 10:20s so that was a pleasant surprisee

I thought I was doing 10:20s so that was a pleasant surprise

I ran in my Kinvaras, but then when I was done I put on the Ravennas I bought for walking and quickly dubbed them my Pillow Shoes.  Because wow.  PILLOWS.  Pillows for my feet.

New Ravenna 5

In the dining hall. French toast. And pillows.

Later, Matt picked me up and cooked us dinner.  He’s so good to me.

We are a meat and potatoes kind of couple

We are a meat and potatoes kind of couple

Course marshaling Sunday morning… DUN DUN DUN EARLY

Early morning wakeup

My face at being up before 5am to volunteer at a race

I slept all day today.  I took two naps.  It was very productive.  But I also got the 75-lb bench press I’ve been trying to get for several weeks now so THAT’S EXCITING.  Yes.

Did you do anything fun this weekend?  It was also Hash Bash this weekend, but I didn’t go.  I specifically avoided the Arb on my run too because last year I ran through there during the Bash and there were countless people smoking and it was just not fun.

Do you also have shoes you wear specifically when you want to be comfy?  I heart my pillow shoes.

Did you do any races this weekend?  I might have considered doing the 5k this morning if I hadn’t been volunteering at it.  The roads were pretty packed if you weren’t at the front though…