Quick-Fire Week

I made a really good choice this afternoon when I decided to buy a coffee at work.  I was falling asleep, but now I’m not, and I’m also feeling very optimistic.  I may also be a little hyper, which is making me want to blog, but not put too much effort into writing a well-articulated post.

So, a quick-fire approach to recapping my recent life:

  • I went to a yoga class on Thursday with my friend Katie.  It was a lot of fun and felt really good.  It was my first time ever doing yoga in a studio.  I want to see if I can make it again this week.
  • I did the ice bucket challenge after my brother nominated me:
  • Matt and I spent the weekend with his parents, originally for the Crim, but then we hung out longer and had a fun time.
  • I attempted to run the 10-mile at the Crim on Saturday morning, despite the hip issues I had been dealing with.  By mile two, my hip was starting to get tight, and before the six-mile mark, it was pretty much shot.  I walked the majority of the final 4.5 miles after hanging out with course volunteers for 10-20 minutes.  I finished in two and a half hours and I was pretty bored walking because all the walkers around me had friends to chat with, but I was by myself.  Regardless, I covered the distance, so that is something to be proud of, even though it could have gone a million times better and I could be a million times healthier.
  • On Sunday afternoon, we went shopping at an outlet mall and I managed to get a pair of shoes, plus six pairs of no-show socks, for $32!
  • My final semester of college starts in a week, so I have been preparing for the job-hunting process.  It’s both exciting and stressful, but mostly exciting.
  • My bike is finished being repaired, so I get to pick it up tomorrow after work and I will get to ride it when we go up north this weekend. 🙂
  • Matt and I are seeing the series 8 premier of Doctor Who, “Deep Breath,” in a theater tonight!

Have you been up to anything exciting?  Do tell!

3 thoughts on “Quick-Fire Week

  1. Oooh post-college job search! Good luck! I got lucky to get a temp-job-turned-permanent just days after classes ended, but I was applying my entire final semester.

    As for exciting in my life… I Just returned from a weekend visiting my family in Ohio and I leave this weekend for a trip to NC. Although I’m kind of jealous that people are starting back to school (I want to go back!).

    Do you think you’ll stay in the AA area after graduating or immediately leave the area (I vaguely remember you possibly saying you wanted to leave the state)? And where in the world did you get shoes and socks for $32? 🙂


    • Nice, what will you be doing in NC?

      I’m planning to look in the A2 and metro-Detroit areas, as well as applying to whatever else comes up, regardless of location. I did want to leave the state, but I’m starting to want to stay.


    • Oh, and I got the shoes and socks at the Famous Footwear outlet at Birch Run. The shoes were on sale for $25, the socks were buy one get one half off (sets of three pairs), and I got 20% off for signing up for their free rewards program!


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