Milford Memories

On Saturday, I drove over to my mom’s apartment, where I met up with her and her friend to go to the Milford Memories art fair.  I had a really bad knot in my glute and/or a really sore right leg from my run the previous day, so I was honestly worried I would be doing more waddling than walking, but thankfully the slow walking up and down the art fair served to loosen it up. 🙂

I took $40 out of the ATM on the way over, with the intention of using up to $20 of it at the art fair.  I saw a few things early on that interested me, but all were out of my price range.  I especially liked the Michigan-shaped cutting boards I saw.  We ended up coming across a tent selling needle felting crafts.  They had many ornaments of all kinds of different animals, as well as sheep made from wood and sheep’s wool, and sheepskin mittens and gloves.  The sheepskin mittens were selling like hotcakes and I probably should have been practical and taken a look at those, BUT two little sheep caught my eye and I just had to have them both.

Growing up, whenever my family went to art fairs, my brother and I would try to find “the pewter guy,” an artist who sold pewter figurines.  Our favorites were his medieval characters.  I looked for him at the Ann Arbor Art Fair this year, but did not find him.  Lo and behold, after I made my purchase at the needle felting tent, I continued down the street and the VERY NEXT BOOTH was the pewter guy, Heekin Pewter.  I got SO EXCITED and probably sounded like I was eight years old when I pointed it out to my mom.  Of course I had to buy more pewter.  I took forever, so my mom and her friend kept going and I took my sweet time.

I thought about buying a pewter elephant or a skeleton warrior, then I considered buying the war mammoth with its removable dwarf, and of course I eyed the castle towers.  I ended up opting for a skeleton warrior and a goblin archer, since they remind me of Skyrim… proud fantasy geek right here.  My Skyrim character is an orc that I specialized in archery and the skeleton reminded me of a draugr, a common undead enemy in Skyrim that is in pretty much every dungeon.  (I haven’t played Skyrim in a long time and never beat the main questline because I got burned out putting soooo many hours into various side quests, but I still love it!)

My purchases

My purchases

After the pewter tent, we walked around some more, looking for a leather bracelet for my mom and potential pet photography clients for her friend (if you live in Michigan and want high-quality photos of your pet, let me know and I’ll put you in contact).  We stopped for ice cream and I had a scoop of strawberry in a waffle cone–heaven in the heat!

Once we got back to my mom’s place, her friend headed home, my mom and I had some leftovers for dinner, and then we went to my mom’s storage unit so I could go through the few boxes I had remaining there.  For the most part, I took everything back to my apartment, but I did throw away a few things after having a good laugh at them.  Here are some of them. 🙂

A horrible crocheted chicken stuffed with newspaper.  I think this was the first amigurumi (crocheted stuffed animal) I ever made.

A horrible crocheted chicken stuffed with newspaper. I think this was the first amigurumi (crocheted stuffed animal) I ever made.

"The Cheesers"

“The Cheesers”

My brother and I sometimes made our own Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Here we have the "Noodle Guardian."

My brother and I sometimes made our own Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Here we have the “Noodle Guardian.”

One of my old butt pads from when I used to figure skate.

One of my old butt pads from when I used to figure skate.

Butt pad.

Butt pad, side view.

I also found the rest of my glass figure and pewter collections in the storage unit.  When I got back to Ann Arbor that night, I set up little displays on my dresser and desk.  I need to find a better way to display them all because this is going to make dusting obnoxious, but for now, this will work.

Giant loving sheep and their flock?

Giant loving sheep and their flock.



I would like to grow this battle scene.

I would like to grow this battle scene.

I was going to write about Sunday as well, but that will have to wait for another post.  Hiking Pinkney, coming soon to readers near you. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Milford Memories

  1. Fun way to spend a Saturday! I haven’t been to a craft show like this in years. My parents used to take us to one every year at the end of summer growing up, and we always had fun exploring the stalls and eating the fair food that they had too. I remember a quilt my mum got for their bed from it one year…handmade and very pretty. They had it for years!


    • My mom loves art fairs, so we went to several every year when I was growing up. Now, I usually go to one a year–the Ann Arbor art fair, because it’s right where I live. Art fairs are kind of a hallmark of summer for me!


  2. I LOVE that you play Skyrim! I play too 🙂 I’m not that great about specializing in one skill over others, I’m kind of a jack of all trades. I’m currently a Redguard who’s really great at smithing. So much fun! I love those little figurines. I have quite a collection of miniatures myself, but they’re currently all in storage 😦


    • Nice!! I should really pick it up again. Maybe finally finish the thieves guild questline. Lately I’ve been playing Batman: Arkham Asylum. I got a great deal on it from Xbox Live Gold a couple weeks ago. Only $4.99 each for Arkham Asylum and Arkham City!

      Do you play Elder Scrolls Online? I’m not a huge fan of multiplayer, so I haven’t checked it out.


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