Up North: Things I Haven’t Done Before

When I was up north last weekend, Matt’s grandpa made a comment about how, every time I go up there, I get to do something I have never done before.  So far, he has been correct.  Last time, it was watching the sunset over Lake Michigan.  This time, I did a few other new things. 🙂

On Friday, Matt and I drove out to Sleeping Bear Dunes, which I had never been to before.  We actually got a little lost because Matt forgot where to turn to get into the park, and we ended up at a 4th of July parade.  It was quite confusing, to say the least.  We ended up driving around for like 20 minutes at 10 miles an hour, trying to avoid people walking in the streets and navigating two-way roads that were narrowed to one lane due to the parade setting up on the side of the road.  We also drove down a “no outlet” road.  We were very confused.

Eventually, Matt called his parents to ask the name of the road we needed, and we found the dunes.  Lake Michigan is about 500 feet down from the top of the dunes and the drop is quite steep.  The dune goes down gradually for maybe 10 yards, and then it basically drops off to what I would estimate as an 80% grade.  I was pretty scared going down, but all you have to do is lean back and dig your heel in first with each step and you won’t fall.  I did okay. 🙂  I was NOT one of those people running and jumping down, though.  I especially didn’t want to land on rocks in my bare feet.

When we got to the bottom, we swam in Lake Michigan for a few minutes, which I’m pretty sure is another first for me.  Then, it was time to climb back up.  That was quite a bit harder.  The first half was pretty easy, but after that, I started getting tired and took more and more breaks.  I climbed up on all fours because it was easier for me, but Matt had absolutely no trouble and marched right back up on just his two feet.  I think it took me 30-40 minutes to get to the top and daaang my calves and forearms were tired.  He asked me if I would do it again and I answered with a resounding NO, but thinking about it now, I think I would like to do it again sometime. 🙂

When we finished, we got my phone out of the car and took a few pictures before going to get much-deserved ice cream cones.

Isn't it beautiful?

Isn’t it beautiful?

IMG_2596 IMG_2599 IMG_2601


The other new thing I did that weekend besides meeting a million of Matt’s family members at his family reunion was that I got to drive a jet ski!  Matt took me out on it on Friday morning after the race, which was my first time ever riding a jet ski.  The next day, his sister Elizabeth and I went out on it, and she let me drive it on the way back to the cabin.  More specifically, her grandpa said, “Make sure she drives it on the way back.”  So I drove it. 🙂  It was easier than I thought and I would like to take it out again sometime soon, maybe when we go back up next weekend!

Finally, here are a couple of pictures we took while waiting for the fireworks on Friday night.  I’m still waiting to get the photos from the 5k off Matt’s dad’s camera, but they exist and I will post them once I get them. 🙂



Being goofy.

Being goofy.

Did you do anything fun last weekend or for the 4th of July?


6 thoughts on “Up North: Things I Haven’t Done Before

  1. Jet skis are so much fun!! A friend of mine in high school had them, and we used to have a blast flying around on them at her family’s lake house! Need to try that again soon 🙂 those dunes sound awesome, too, and the views from the top look amazing. I would have been with you, though….nice and easy up and down haha


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