Running, Adult Parties, and a Smelly Sentiment

The last few days have been really awesome.  It was pretty rough getting back into the work groove after a beautiful four-day weekend up north (northern Michigan).  Life on a lake in a cabin off a secluded dirt road etc etc, even if it’s only for four days, is idyllic and just swept me away.  I can’t wait to hopefully go back for the Fourth of July.

The good thing about working after a long weekend is that the week that follows is also a day short.  It is already Friday and it seemed to come up so fast.  I have a sushi date tonight and plans to go to a pool party on Sunday, so it should be another great weekend.

So what made these past few days awesome?  Well, after taking a couple days off after Bayshore, I started my summer training plan!  My first run back on Tuesday felt rough and I didn’t feel recovered from my race yet, but I felt better on Wednesday and ran Wednesday and Thursday as well.  The plan I am using calls for easy runs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, with rest Friday, a long run Saturday, cross training on Sunday, and rest again Monday.  It peaks at a 40-mile week after about four months, so my hope is that this can get me back to running the mileage I would like to be running in a safe, effective way.

The plan I am using is Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 marathon training program.  I’m not intending to run a marathon until the spring, but since the plan gives me the mileage I want and since I am feeling like a beginner again after all the injuries of the past year, I thought it seemed like a good way to go.  I’m also hoping that following a plan written by an experienced professional will help give me less of a chance of getting hurt than if I were to continue doing things my way and playing it by ear.  I’m looking forward to the next 18 weeks and to seeing where I am at the end of the program. 🙂

In non-running news, I went with Matt to the picnic his boss hosted yesterday evening.  It was interesting because it was an “adult party.”  With the exception of our friend Jack and one other employee, everyone was married and most people were at least 30, or nearing it.  Not to say that that is old, because it’s not, but it did feel a little funny being the youngest one (unless you count the one toddler running around, or the baby in the pregnant wife’s belly).  It was pleasant, just a very different experience.  Oh, and the hot dogs were great.  There was a puppy, too, but we didn’t eat him. 😛

The other important non-running news?  I had to throw away one of my favorite shirts this morning.  It is the T-shirt I got for 8th grade graduation back in 2006.  It still fits great and is really comfortable and soft, but when I put it on this morning I noticed the underarms still smelled even though it had just been washed, and when I looked, they were also stained. 😦  I took pictures so I would always remember this amazing shirt.  I mean, sentimentally amazing.  It’s nothing special except that it’s a special memory.

The Knights were the high school's mascot that I would have gone to (that my middle school fed into) if I hadn't gone to a different school.

The Knights were the high school’s mascot that I would have gone to (that my middle school fed into) if I hadn’t gone to a different school.

Because my high school graduating class was the Class of 2010.

Because my high school graduating class was the Class of 2010.

Do you have anything of sentimental value that you probably should get rid of but just can’t bring yourself to throw away?

5 thoughts on “Running, Adult Parties, and a Smelly Sentiment

  1. Haha – I remember joining a group where I was youngest at my last job by at least 5 years, and it was definitely interesting – but I was already an old boring married fart of 27 at the time 🙂

    I have definitely thrown out ‘classics’ – concert t-shirts from the early 80s, college shirts, and on and on. I have become less sentimental, but every now and then I think ‘I wonder where …’ and realize it was tossed and think, oh well …


  2. I am a Hal Higdon convert! I love his plans! They’ll treat you right! BTW, You had my mind going to different places when you said you went to an ‘adult party’. Kind of like when friend’s say they’re going to an ‘adult movie’. Hahaha


    • Hah, oops, that was not the intention! xD What kind of party would that even be? Like a bachelor party with a stripper (can you tell my only experience with that is from TV?), or some kind of orgy…? Lol hmmm


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