Resting training 5/12-5/18/14

After re-tweaking my hip on Tuesday, I ended up taking the rest of the week really easy trying to sort it out.  No more running and as little walking as possible until it was feeling better.  I was able to go for a walk Sunday night without pain, but running still feels out of the question.  I still want to play it super safe to make sure I make it to the starting line (and the finish!) of Bayshore on Saturday.

I walked to work this morning (Monday), which is about 2 miles, and I felt probably just as good as my walk Sunday night, but my hip still feels weak and volatile.  Once the pain is completely gone, I want to work on strengthening it with some bodyweight work.  I have some PT exercises I have been neglecting.

Monday: rest

Tuesday: 6mi run during which I messed up my hip again (didn’t notice till that night)

Wednesday: yoga before bed

Thursday: rest

Friday: at-home strength workout, mostly core and a bit of arms

Saturday: rest

Sunday: Walked a little less than 4 miles with Matt

Total running: 6 miles, but it’s fine. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Resting training 5/12-5/18/14

  1. Take it easy 🙂 one of my PRs came after taking 2 weeks off prior to race day because of foot pain. The race hurt, but I could at least finish it.


    • Last year, I took 12 days off before Bayshore until running the evening before the race (I had peroneal tendinitis), and that is still my half marathon PR. xD


    • Thank you! I’m feeling better today than yesterday (no pain, just a pulling feeling), so I’m going to keep being patient and hope that if I don’t run today I will feel even better tomorrow!


  2. So, I’m new and don’t know all the details with your hip but BE CAREFUL!!! I’ve had a stress fracture in each hip in the past number of years and it isn’t something to mess around with. At 31 (much older than you are now but….) I had a DR threaten me with a hip replacement – thankfully I made it without one and now at 44 still run (stronger than ever) but hips aren’t something to mess with!
    OK – so, now that I have sounded like your mom and I don’t even know you, I will scroll around and read some more:)


    • Seriously thank you for the concern! I definitely want to be very careful and make sure this thing is healed. I just might be making a bit of a detour by running a (slow) half marathon on Saturday… I won’t do it if it hurts though and I will probably take more time off after.

      Thanks for reading! 🙂


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