Thursday Night Date Night

Because otherwise my blog is just going to be complaints about my hip until it heals again, let me tell you about Matt and my impromptu date night last night. 🙂

I texted him yesterday afternoon while we were both at work asking if he wanted to go to Zingerman’s for dinner.  Zingerman’s is a well-known, popular deli in Ann Arbor, but their sandwiches are expensive ($13 for a small and $16 for a large) and it is a little out of the way, so neither of us had been there before, even though we have both lived here for four years.  He was very excited about the suggestion and I was excited about his excitement, so he picked me up (in my car lol) after work and we went to Zingerman’s!

I had the Zingerman’s Reuben, which is a classic reuben, and Matt had the Binny’s Brooklyn Reuben, a reuben made with pastrami instead of corned beef and on pumpernickel bread instead of rye.  I didn’t taste his, but mine was fantastic and I’m told his was amazing as well.  We got stopped by some ladies on our way out asking what he had ordered because they thought it looked so good.





He was laughing when I asked if he wanted to be in the picture

He was laughing when I asked if he wanted to be in the picture

Zingerman’s also had this spicy ginger ale called Blenheim’s, which is apparently very difficult to find, so Matt had a bottle and then asked management if he could buy a case. xD  They gave him a 10% discount on a flat of 24 bottles.

Matt’s new job gave him a gift card to a coffee shop literally right across the street, so we sat down and had coffee after dinner.  Then, we went to the food cooperative’s attached cafe, where I bought us an apple cake to share.  No pictures, but it was a lovely time and quite delicious. 🙂

Have you done anything especially fun recently?  Big plans for the weekend?



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