I Forgot to be Careful and Hip Twinges

Yesterday I wrote about being careful and adding a little more mileage this week.  Yesterday I was not careful and now I am worried.

Yesterday, the morning was beautiful so I decided to run one of my favorite loops.  Two days before yesterday I had run 10 miles for my long run, and my daily runs have been 2.5-4 miles, with a 5 here and there.  Yesterday, I was reckless and ran 6 miles.  I knew entering the park that doing the whole loop would be too much, but I ran past the turnaround that would make it 3ish and kept going anyway.  I knew as soon as I got home that I had done too much.

Last night, my hip was twinging.  I don’t want to say painful, but it was worrisome.  This morning, it is not better.  I want to hope that it is just tight muscles.  Some aggressive foam rolling this morning offered temporary relief, and the first couple steps when I stand up from my desk hurt before it loosens up as I keep walking.

I wouldn’t have ran today anyway, but I’m doubtful that this will be gone by tomorrow.  Tonight, I plan to do yoga and foam roll, which I really really hope will help.  I’m worried and I hate being worried. :/  Plus, stress does not help the body heal.

I’m trying not to regret yesterday’s run because regret doesn’t do anyone any good.  I just need to learn from the mistake.  At least I realized that it was too much, which is more than I have been able to do in the past, although next time I need to actually act when I realize that.

And now, the only words I have left are “uuuuggggggghhhh.”


7 thoughts on “I Forgot to be Careful and Hip Twinges

  1. Rest it for a day or two and you should be fine. My hip was killing me after my race Saturday, but I did a 5k jog last night and now it feels fine. if it still hurts in a couple days, stay off of it. Just don’t worry about it though! You’ll be ready to run by Bayshore!


  2. I share your ugh – and I’m sorry. I’m so glad you aren’t feel regret though – because I think perspective is good. Instead, let’s just say that you learned through that run that you weren’t ready for it, and will rehab a bit before trying it again. Since the pain didn’t get crazy bad during the run, you didn’t cause a horrible injury. So it’s just another step in recovery! But still, I can’t wait until the twinges are gone!


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