10 Miles! First Time Since November

I stayed at my mom’s apartment for Mother’s Day over the weekend, and Sunday morning she kindly agree to drive me to a nearby metropark so I could get my long run in early.  I’m running the Bayshore half marathon on May 24th, so this was pretty much my last chance to get a ten-miler in before the race.

I hadn’t run 10 miles since November 3rd, so I was both excited and apprehensive going into it.  All Saturday, I just couldn’t wait until my Sunday long run.  I couldn’t get it off my mind and was excited to do it, which is refreshing because I haven’t felt excited for a long run in a long time.  Lately, I have been more dreading them than anything.

When I first started running, I almost always ran with music.  Then, for about a year or more, I almost completely stopped listening to music on runs, mostly because some people I knew were saying things like, “Who listens to music when they run??” and I was obsessed with trying to be a “real” runner.  Lately, I have been listening to music more often again on solo runs.  However, since I don’t plan to use music during Bayshore, I decided to do Sunday’s long run without music.  Now THAT I was worried about.

I ended up being perfectly fine on the no-music front. 🙂  I didn’t even really notice that I didn’t have anything playing and I don’t think it made the run feel any different than it would have with music.

The last two weeks, I have done my long runs primarily on trails, but again, in the interest of preparing for Bayshore, I opted to run 100% on pavement this time around.  It killed me passing trailhead after trailhead and not being able to turn onto them!

The park I was running in has a paved bike/hike path that is supposedly 8.5 miles long.  I’m a bit confused about whether it is actually a loop or whether that is the distance of disparate sections combined, because I followed it 4 miles one way and ended up outside the park in a downtown area!!  So I ran a mile through the cute downtown, then turned around and headed back the way I came to make it 10.  It was warm and sunny and I was starting to feel severely dehydrated between miles 4 and 7, but I was able to stop in a CVS for a nice long drink from a water fountain around 7 miles, which totally saved me for the rest of the run. 🙂

I didn’t feel great, but I’m SO HAPPY about this run for a couple of reasons:

  1. I’m confident I will be perfectly fine to finish Bayshore despite a virtually non-existent training cycle, even if my time is very slow, since I did my other two halfs on longest runs of 10 miles.
  2. The better one: I had NO abnormal pain.  No nagging aches, NOTHING.  Nothing beyond the normal fatigue at the end of a long run. 🙂  I’m so very very happy about this.

I started typing this post Sunday night, but didn’t finish it until this morning (Monday).  Last week, I was sore for a solid three days after my long run and kept getting sore again even after shorter, easy runs.  This morning, I woke up with ZERO soreness.  Literally none.  I am pleasantly surprised (it might be because this park was significantly flatter than anywhere I can run in Ann Arbor).  I had a headache all day yesterday, presumably from dehydration, but other than that, I guess I recovered pretty well.  That hopefully means I can get another solid week of running in before a mini-taper next week. 🙂  Last week was only my second 20-mile week since NOVEMBER, and I’m hoping to get 25 miles in this coming week.  I’m very excited. :3  But only if I feel good for it, of course.  Focusing on recovery has helped immensely and I am not going to push myself to another injury.

I was going to write about spending Mother’s Day with my momma, but this post is getting pretty long, so that will have to wait for another day.

Did you run long this weekend?  Tell me about it!


13 thoughts on “10 Miles! First Time Since November

  1. You’re going to do awesome, especially with that run boosting your confidence 🙂 I miss the hills of Ann Arbor, so don’t ever take those for granted 😉


  2. Woo congrats with your lost long run! You’ll miss it haha. I used to run with music all the time but now I skip music for my training runs. I like to drown out the thousands of feet stomping around me when it comes time for a race lol


  3. Yay! Congrats on the run and the tummy!
    Ya know, I gave up music on my runs a year or so ago. I found it really helped me focus on how my body was feeling each step of the way. One time on a long run I tried to wear my music a few months after and I only made it about 100 yards before taking out the earbuds – it was just too distracting to me.


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