Training Recap: Week of 4/28-5/4/14

I’m actually amazed that last week was still April for half the week.  Even though it doesn’t feel like it outside, it is distinctly May in my mind right now.  Not sure why–maybe because I’m out of school and a bunch of people just graduated on May 3rd.

My hip is doing a lot better and actually felt amazing after my long run on Sunday.  Last week, my hip was a little tight after my long run, but this time I’m just regular-sore.  I’m actually more sore from yesterday’s long run than I have been from a run in a long time.  I’m probably going to try this recovery yoga video tonight.

I ran three times last week with two rest days.  I’m trying to incorporate some form of strength training into my routine twice a week, which I did last week on Monday and Wednesday.  I’m still debating whether I want to spend $90 for a student gym membership for the summer, or whether I just want to do bodyweight exercises at home.  I’m not taking summer classes, so I can’t get into the gym for free over the summer. 😦  I’ll probably buy the membership, but I’ve had to spend so much money lately that I’m hesitant.

Monday: Upper body weights in the morning (hit 70lb for 3 reps on bench press for a rep PR–my 1RM is 75lb–and it felt easy! This is why I should maintain a gym membership.) + 25 min yoga in the evening following this video.

Tuesday: 3.8mi before work

Wednesday: Bouldering in the evening for an hour (tons of long breaks obviously)

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 3.34mi after work.  I felt amazing during and after this run.

Saturday: Off for graduation festivities. 🙂  Lots of walking though!

Sunday: 8.28mi, mostly through trails and parks.

Total running for the week: 15.42mi

I’m really happy with how this week went.  Sunday gave me confidence that I will be able to get through the Bayshore Half Marathon on May 24th.  I ran my PR there last year, but with my general lack of training and low mileage this winter, I was honestly worried about even being able to cover the distance this year.  I’m feeling much better about that now!

How about you?  How was your running/training/working out last week?  I hope you have an excellent start to this week!

6 thoughts on “Training Recap: Week of 4/28-5/4/14

  1. Ooh look on Craigslist and see if you can find any weights for sale that you could use at home for super cheap (by students not wanting to move them at the moment), although $90 probably isn’t bad for the summer. There weren’t ever any cheap gyms in the area when I was down there so I can’t help much :/

    You’ll do great at Bayshore! This winter made us all tougher than we think.


    • Thank you, but I haven’t graduated yet! I was celebrating my boyfriend’s graduation; I still have one more part-time semester.

      Bouldering is rock climbing where you don’t use ropes. So you don’t climb as high and you use crash pads just in case. 🙂


  2. Glad your hip is feeling better! My ankle is feeling a different type of sore than usual suddenly after my long run yesterday 😦 $90 isn’t that bad depends on how long your summer semester is! I have one summer class for the first session so I’ll have gym access til then but I’m thinking of paying for my uni’s gym in the second session (that or paying $800 for another course! Haha)


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