This weekend I headed over to Matt’s parent’s house with him to watch their puppy while his family was at his sister’s regatta (she’s on the rowing team at her college).  Brock is this really energetic black lab and not actually a puppy.  He’s like 4.  But he might as well be a puppy.  This morning when I bent down to tie my shoes for a run, he jumped up and bumped his head against my cheekbone. xD

Matt and I took him for a walk through some trails near his house.  More accurately, Brock took us for a walk.  Silly dog was pulling so hard on his leash that he was wheezing from his collar cutting into his throat. 😦

Happy trails :D

Happy trails 😀

We got home not a minute too soon.  Right when we got home, Matt got some burgers on the grill, and as soon as we finished dinner, it started to rain.  He went out to put the cover on the grill, came inside, and then, not 20 seconds later, HAIL.  Just pelting down in buckets.

It was pretty cool.

It was pretty cool.

Someone's sleepy :)

Someone’s sleepy 🙂



4 thoughts on “Brocksitting

  1. My dog is exactly the same when she gets waked.. She’s so enthusiastic that she practically ends up choking herself on the lead. She’s about 8 now, but looking at her and the way she acts, you’d think she was a puppy.


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