I’m back! Training 4/21-4/27/14

I expect to feel pain in my hip whenever I walk around, and then I don’t and it is AWESOME.  I was pretty absent all last week because of exams, but I got a couple little runs in and I had a fabulous weekend and am ready for that spring/summer life.  Just a short post about the week’s runs today because I want to get going to bed soon!

Wednesday: 2.36mi – The night before, I ran about halfway home from the dining hall (so maybe like 0.15mi) and my hip felt NORMAL, so I went for a short 20-minute test run on Wednesday and had zero pain!!! + foam rolling and 7-min core

Friday: 2.43mi – Matt was going to run a couple miles with me on Thursday, but I was sore from Wednesday, so we decided I would be better off resting.  Ran Friday instead with another friend on trails in the rain. 🙂

Sunday: 6mi – An out-and-back through a couple trails near Matt’s house.  My feet felt pretty weak and I had to stop and stretch at the end of mile 4, but in retrospect I’m very happy about this.  I had a giant knot in my butt at the end, but that’s gone now too. 🙂

Total running for the week: 10.79mi

All in all, a short but productive running week.  Even if I had felt up to running more, with exams there would have been no way.  I definitely won’t be in good shape for Bayshore in four weeks, but if all goes well I should at least be able to get one or two ten-milers in over the next couple weeks.

And now, I sleep.

Training(ish) Recap: Week of 4/14-4/20/2014

This week was all about my hip feeling like crap.  I got really down on myself, but the last couple days I have been able to rest more than normal with it being the weekend and me not having to do much walking.  It feels like resting has really helped!  The end of the semester is here and I have exams and projects the next two weeks, with the most challenging ones over by this coming Friday.  I don’t see myself having much time to do anything but code and study this coming week, so I think I should get in some more excellent rest and come out of it feeling ready to enjoy this beautiful weather. 🙂  With running.  Or even pain-free walking.  Whaaat a concept!

My cross-training kind of petered off by the end of the week, but I really do think rest is helping more than cross-training was.  I swam on Saturday for the first time in months, though, and I do want to get myself feeling much more comfortable in the water (I gulp air and give myself tummy-aches 😦 ), so I might see if I can fit in a couple swims next week.  Even two workouts before Friday might be a stretch though if I want to do well on exams, which I do.

Without further ado, my “training”!

Monday: 40 minutes on the elliptical followed by pushups and hip strengthening

Tuesday: 45 minutes elliptical, core, negative pull-ups, lat pulldowns – with a couple friends in the morning 🙂

Wednesday: Off (I had to walk a lot though)

Thursday: 30 minutes elliptical, core, woodchoppers, pushups, goblet squats, dumbbell rows, plus foam rolling

Friday: Foam rolling, 15 minutes elliptical, then I didn’t want to be on the elliptical so I went to Matt’s house and had ice cream.

Saturday: 38ish minute swim (short breaks included) – kickboard and pull-buoy practice with a few laps of freestyle at the end (and two random backstroke laps at the very beginning)

Sunday: Off (coding all day)

I started taking ibuprofen for my hip on Thursday and I took it a few times Thursday and Friday and once Saturday.  I don’t know if it helps the healing process, but the doctor usually tells me to take it and it definitely makes things feel happier in there.  I didn’t take any today, but I’ll probably take some tomorrow just in the morning for when I have to walk to/from class.

Takeaways from this past week: I underestimated the value of rest and now I get to rest more because of exams.

Matt says I’m “under construction.”  I kind of like that. 🙂

How was your week?  I hope you had a happy Easter or just a happy spring day!

Fitness Personality: “The Thinker”

One of my friends posted this short fitness personality test on Facebook and I was bored so I took it.  It’s really an advertisement to get people to participate in the “Rewired Trainer” program Bodybuilding.com is hosting soon, but it was a fun little quiz regardless, and I can see the results applying to running as opposed to just weight training.

It says that I am “The Thinker,” which I think is pretty accurate.  You can view the whole “thinker” results sheet here if you want.  Essentially, it says I am analytical and prone to being a bit too ambitious, impatient, and a perfectionist.  All of those things are 100% me, especially as I think about what happened to put me on the sidelines again.  (My best guess is I was overeager… again…)

“You’re great at taking a lofty goal, doing the necessary research and footwork, and tackling it step by step. Unfortunately, you can also be your own worst enemy at times.”

Like my own worst enemy to get myself hurt when I do too much at once to try to reach a lofty goal!  Yes that sounds like me!

You tend to be a perfectionist in the gym, both for better and worse. You have a great plan, but the reality is that things don’t always go according to the plan!”

Yuuuup.  Two weeks ago, I planned out the rest of my running weeks leading up to the Bayshore Half Marathon on May 24th.  Last week when my hip was uncomfortable, I took three days off and then thought, “okay that’s enough, it’s not much better but I need to get as close to my mileage goal for the week as possible.”  Maybe I should leave the plans alone for a while…

It gives me this advice:

Slowing down. Everybody knows the saying about
the journey and the destination. For the next two
months, you’re going to really focus on enjoying
your time in the gym and opening yourself to the
experience of training rather than just the results.

I mean, I’m not following their gym training program, but the concept of enjoying the training journey instead of just focusing on the end goal is something I’ve actually been focusing more on in the last couple months since I started running again after my foot problem during the winter.  My problem is maybe I get a little TOO into the training journey sometimes and train too hard and end up on the elliptical for days. xD

Ibuprofen, stretching, foam rolling, and strengthening seem to be helping my hip at least marginally.  Using the elliptical feels totally normal, so I just kind of pretend like I’m running and it’s more mentally manageable.  It’s a bummer on a beautiful day like yesterday, but it has only been five days since I last ran, which I guess isn’t really that much, and hopefully I will be back outside soon. 🙂

What’s your fitness personality?

Mini #WIAW and Hip Update

Passover started on Monday night, which means I won’t be eating bread for the next week.  This morning I woke up excited to make eggs with a side of buttered matzah (pretty sure I actually dreamed about it).  Then I realized those were all the ingredients to make fried matzah, or matzah brei as it is sometimes called.  SO I got to work and within ten minutes I was a very happy camper.

Fried matzah

Fried matzah topped with cinnamon sugar and syrup

My roommate came down while I was eating and asked to try some.  She liked it, which I was actually surprised about, and said it tasted like French toast!  Except I know it doesn’t taste like French toast because I made some of that for Matt and me on Monday morning. 😛

The comparison was still fresh in my memory

The comparison was still fresh in my memory

I mentioned the other day that my right hip has been bothering me.  Yesterday I had pain and was limping slightly to avoid it hurting when I walked, but this morning as I walked to class, it felt much better!  Not better in that I can run, but better in that it hurts less.  It feels like something is pulling on the outside of my hip, but the pulling hurts far less or not at all.  I’m feeling optimistic. 🙂

On Monday afternoon I used an elliptical and then finished off with some pushups and light hip strengthening.  Then Tuesday morning I did the elliptical again with a couple friends and did abs and pull-up things (negatives and lat pull-downs).  This morning, my abs, back, arms, and lower legs are sore, which makes me feel like I am still getting more fit even though I haven’t ran in a few days.  I’m sure I could use some good cross-training and maybe once my hip is better, I will try to be better about including it in my regular training.  I probably definitely should, yeah?  Lately, instead of cross-training on non-run days, I have just been not running.

I hope you are having or had a fabulous hump day!  Eaten anything exciting lately?  Do you have any cross-training advice or awesome workouts?

Pretending to run on Monday

Pretending to run on Monday

#alltheawards – Thanks Laura!

The very sweet Laura from The Gluten-Free Treadmill has tagged me in her #alltheawards post. 🙂

The rules!

Accept the #alltheawards award, tell us seven things about you, and nominate seven more blogs.

Since I only started this blog this month, it shouldn’t be too hard to come up with seven things you don’t know about me yet, right…?  If I can get my mind off my hip long enough to come up with seven facts that aren’t seven injuries I’ve had in my lifetime.

Happy thoughts, here goes!

  1. My go-to fun-facts fact: I’ve had four concussions from figure skating growing up.
  2. I spent a month in Israel when I was 15.
  3. I knocked out a tooth in 2006 also figure skating, but it hung on so they were able to put it back in and it is still in my mouth.
  4. I have at least 12 pounds of coffee in my cupboards right now, and I didn’t buy any of it.
  5. I once won an iPad in a Twitter contest.  The host account told me I won a “Bag of Crap,” asked my t-shirt size, then sent me an iPad.  No t-shirt though.
  6. I have owned 13 different domain names.  In high school and early college I used to just want to make a website for everything.
  7. I have studied Spanish (if elementary school counts), French, Hebrew, Japanese, and Italian, but I speak none of them.  Sad. 😦

Only two of those facts were about injuries, so that’s pretty good, right?

Now I must nominate seven more blogs!  I choose…

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Beth – Cookie Runner

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Wildcard!  Anyone who reads this is awesome and deserves to do the #alltheawards tag if they so choose. 😉

Training Recap: Week of 4/7 – 4/13/2014

I went back down a bit in mileage last week because my right hip has been bugging me since about a week ago.  It sometimes just feels really tight and uncomfortable, sometimes hurts, and sometimes feels almost normal.  All the muscles surrounding my hip socket feel pretty tight and/or sore, so I’m paying more attention to stretching long and often.  Running has been a little uncomfortable, but not painful.  I have a feeling that if I tried to run today though, that it would hurt, so I will not be running while it still feels like that!

So this is what last week looked like:

Monday: 3.49mi at running club practice (afternoon)

Tuesday: off due to my hip feeling really tight

Wednesday: biked to and from work (about 2 miles/20 minutes each way and relatively hilly), otherwise off

Thursday: walked a little over 3mi late at night with a couple friends.  Hip felt annoying, like kinda itchy inside?

Friday: 4.03mi in the morning.  I could feel my hip, but it wasn’t painful.  Wore heels in the evening for prom and it pretty much felt okay.

Saturday: long run 7.01mi.  I was very dehydrated and also probably ran harder than I should have.  I don’t think my hip felt any worse though.  Walked a couple miles with Matt and his dog later and that felt like it loosened up my hip some.

Sunday: 3.13mi in the morning, without coffee or food.  I felt very sluggish and this was a struggle.  I started feeling some twinges of pain in the outside of my hip in the afternoon, where previously all the discomfort had been on the inside or front.  Which means now I’m worried and kind of regretting this run.  I knew less than halfway through that I didn’t feel recovered from Saturday and should have backed off, but I didn’t and I forced myself through it.

Total running for the week: 17.66mi

This morning (Monday) walking to class, the outside of my hip hurt, but walking more slowly to the bus stop afterwards, I had no pain.  I will be cross training on the bike today, and any runs I do this week will be SLOWWWW and EASY.  I’m obviously still trying to learn where my body draws the line between tightness and injury, and I don’t want to cross the line yet again to find out.  Patience will make me better in the long run.

Hah, long run, get it?

Have you figured out where your body draws the line?  How many injuries did it take you?  Because this is getting ridiculous.


This weekend I headed over to Matt’s parent’s house with him to watch their puppy while his family was at his sister’s regatta (she’s on the rowing team at her college).  Brock is this really energetic black lab and not actually a puppy.  He’s like 4.  But he might as well be a puppy.  This morning when I bent down to tie my shoes for a run, he jumped up and bumped his head against my cheekbone. xD

Matt and I took him for a walk through some trails near his house.  More accurately, Brock took us for a walk.  Silly dog was pulling so hard on his leash that he was wheezing from his collar cutting into his throat. 😦

Happy trails :D

Happy trails 😀

We got home not a minute too soon.  Right when we got home, Matt got some burgers on the grill, and as soon as we finished dinner, it started to rain.  He went out to put the cover on the grill, came inside, and then, not 20 seconds later, HAIL.  Just pelting down in buckets.

It was pretty cool.

It was pretty cool.

Someone's sleepy :)

Someone’s sleepy 🙂


The World’s Best Birthday Present

Or, “The Best Present I Ever Received But Was Ungrateful for As an 11-Year-Old Shithead.”

Turning 11 was a traumatic experience for me.  I cried because I thought it was the “last” year of being “young”.  Because 12 is almost a teenager and by that point you aren’t even a kid anymore.  I really actually cried.

So for some reason that birthday was especially memorable and I remember a couple of the gifts I got that year.  One was a pink and purple layering shirt set that my mom got me from Old Navy:

Definitely not 11 here. But I’m wearing my birthday present. 12 or 13 sitting atop Whiteface Mountain in Lake Placid, NY. 🙂

The other was… a yellow yoga mat.  I was figure skating competitively at the time, and my mom told her sister that I needed a yoga mat for yoga-ish things.  So my mom drove me to some parking lot somewhere where we met up with my aunt who gave me a yellow yoga mat.  I was gracious, but I was pretty disappointed.  I didn’t think I needed it and I certainly didn’t want it.  Not for my birthday, anyway.

Well, I’ll tell you what, that thing is the gift that just keeps on giving.  Even though I don’t do yoga, I still get so much use out of it.  I used to bring it to skating to unroll on the floor and use for my warmups.  It went unused for a while once I quit, but the last few years it has been getting lots of use as a mat for core and stretching at home.  I even did actual yoga on it a few times.  I still don’t like yoga though.  So not much yoga happens on that mat.  But some.

Planking on my best birthday gift ever after a run a couple weeks ago

Planking on my best birthday gift ever after a run a couple weeks ago

Not sure what is happening here but I found this picture in my phone.  Probably thought it felt squishy.

Not sure what is happening here but I found this picture in my phone. Probably thought it felt squishy and sent this pic to some poor someone.

I also love that it’s yellow.  I don’t see many yellow yoga mats.  It’s nice. 🙂

So yes.  I love my yoga mat.  Even though I hated it 10 years ago.  It is amazing now and I’m so very grateful for it.  Thanks Aunt!

Have you ever gotten a gift you still use years later?

My Weekend in Mostly Pictures (Running, Food, Volunteering)

Really just a few pictures.  With some more words.  I should have taken more pictures.

This was my ninth week back running in the aftermath of whatever the last tendon thing I had was (flexor hallucis longus says the PT).  My long runs are starting to get up there again.  This week I did an 8-mile long run on Saturday–yes that’s long for me right now hush–which also put me at 20 miles for the week.  First time I’ve had a 20-mile week since November.  Just goes to show how long I’ve been battling the latest string of injuries.  I’m optimistic that this will be the time I stay injury free for longer than a couple months.

I thought I was doing 10:20s so that was a pleasant surprisee

I thought I was doing 10:20s so that was a pleasant surprise

I ran in my Kinvaras, but then when I was done I put on the Ravennas I bought for walking and quickly dubbed them my Pillow Shoes.  Because wow.  PILLOWS.  Pillows for my feet.

New Ravenna 5

In the dining hall. French toast. And pillows.

Later, Matt picked me up and cooked us dinner.  He’s so good to me.

We are a meat and potatoes kind of couple

We are a meat and potatoes kind of couple

Course marshaling Sunday morning… DUN DUN DUN EARLY

Early morning wakeup

My face at being up before 5am to volunteer at a race

I slept all day today.  I took two naps.  It was very productive.  But I also got the 75-lb bench press I’ve been trying to get for several weeks now so THAT’S EXCITING.  Yes.

Did you do anything fun this weekend?  It was also Hash Bash this weekend, but I didn’t go.  I specifically avoided the Arb on my run too because last year I ran through there during the Bash and there were countless people smoking and it was just not fun.

Do you also have shoes you wear specifically when you want to be comfy?  I heart my pillow shoes.

Did you do any races this weekend?  I might have considered doing the 5k this morning if I hadn’t been volunteering at it.  The roads were pretty packed if you weren’t at the front though…

75 Thoughts Some Runners Have Sometimes

I saw this article on my friend’s Facebook wall the other day and it has been going around the Internet a bit I guess because I’ve seen it like three more times since then.  It’s a BuzzFeed article called 75 Thoughts Every Runner Has While Out For A Run.  Ooo let’s see, I’m a runner, I like running, I like BuzzFeed’s uncannily relatable list articles… *clicks*


I think the article should be titled “75 Thoughts Some Runners Have Sometimes” or “75 Thoughts Every Person Forcing Themselves To Run Because They Think They Have To Has While Out For A Run.”

Case in point:

54. Honestly, I don’t even like running.
55. Why do I even run?
56. Why does anyone even run?

To be fair, those are among only a few points that actually make it seem like this person doesn’t like running.  But there are others, like #71, “Yep, definitely ordering first. I earned that shit” (talking about ordering pizza) that suggest this person runs because she feels like she HAS TO run.  Because that is the only way to stay in shape/eat pizza.  Since evidently she doesn’t actually LIKE running based on 54-56 above and how her last point is, “I guess running’s not so bad.”  Not SOOO bad.  But still a little bad.  Okay.

I have been rediscovering the joy of running since starting up again about nine weeks ago after an injury.  So I guess I take this article a little too much to heart.  It’s just supposed to be a funny list.  But it just makes it sound like running is no fun at all.

Or maybe I’m miffed because supposedly “every” runner has these thoughts so are you, BuzzFeed Author Person, telling me that I am not a runner because I don’t necessarily agree with all these things?


Maybe the author will take a page from her own book and do #19: “Mental reminder: Google CrossFit when I get home.”  Then maybe she will learn about other activities that she might, gasp, ENJOY, that can also make her feel good about eating pizza.  Because no one should ever feel bad about eating pizza.

What do you think?  Just a funny article, or does some of it bug you?  Am I reading way too far into it?